Who are we ?



DEL-Law is the result of the vision of Mr Christophe Delmarcelle of human resources management services. Throughout his career, he has oscillated between labour law and tax law, considering that all matters affecting workers (Belgian and international taxation, social security, privacy, immigration, etc.) must be covered for optimum service to the client.

“The true value of a company, its wealth, it is first and foremost that of its workers”

Mr Christophe Delmarcelle attaches the greatest importance to the accuracy and detail of his opinions and to providing practical advices that will be easily used without additional translation into lay language. This pragmatic and personalized approach is accompanied by supporting documents, meeting scripts or classic conventions, but also by synthetic summaries and tables intended to facilitate understanding and decision-making.

Quantified comparisons of financial risks in the context of litigation, of individual or collective redundancy costs, of split compensation or benefits resulting from the implementation of a new salary policy, and the legal knowledge underlying them, are all exclusive tools developed internally and are one of the strengths of DEL-Law’s practice.

“All advices take into account the client’s reality and anticipate his needs and the subsequent required actions within the framework of a clear, understandable and synthetic strategy.”

They aim at maximizing success whether in the defense of a case in court, in the context of collective or individual negotiations, or even in view of implementation of new measures within the client company. Those strategic aspects are appreciated and put forward by clients, particularly at the end of complex negotiations. This vision is embedded in an ideal competitive budgetary environment.

“Providing quality, pedagogy and accuracy, this could be the motto of DEL-Law, a « niche firm » with great ambitions.”

With the DEL-Law foundation and by surrounding himself with a solid and growing team formed on the core of the existing team within the DKW law firm, Mr Christophe Delmarcelle aims to improve the clients service experience, whether companies or workers, middle or senior managers. The expansion of the team also aims to ensure on-time delivery in a convivial and dedicated environment.