What we do ?


Which services we provide ?

A quality HR legal support implies transversal knowledge and practice of the various areas of the law that affect the workers:

Individual and collective labour law, Social security law, Taxation of workers, Privacy law, Pensions, Independent contracts, Immigration.

DEL-Law assists its clients on :


We work closely with organizations such as BECI or FAIB.

We assist on all aspects of day-to-day HR management; job offers, employment contracts, credit management, drafting and review of social documents, social inspections, dismissal, disciplinary sanctions, etc., this within the framework of a coordinated and integrated management of the client’s practice and environment.


We advise on restructuring projects, including the implementation of collective redundancy/closure programs, outsourcing and harmonisation of employment conditions, as well as providing information and consultation to works councils or trade unions.

Salary package

We advise on all forms of compensation paid to employees, executives or consultants, whether in the form of cash, share-based compensation or other forms of remuneration, incentives or benefits.

Discrimination and equality

Advice on the application and enforcement of the various provisions prohibiting discrimination.

Litigation and negotiations

Advice and management of litigation cases involving all HR aspects, including disputes against the NSSO or employees (including collectively) concerning pay and benefits, dismissal, changes in working conditions, and negotiation of settlements on the best terms. We also support executives and senior managers in their exit negotiations in order to obtain the best financial terms, including in deals of more than one million euros.


Due Diligence and employment, personal income tax, social security and pension audits in connection with major transactions (including assistance in drafting representations and warranties / SPA / APA pension schedule) or day-to-day management and advice on information and consulting matters (e.g. HP-Compaq Merger, withdrawal of Invensys Transmission; withdrawal of Bekaert Fencing; Belgacom IPO).

Transaction-related issues

We also provide advice on transaction-related issues and have extensive experience in tax and social security planning for mobile employees and their employers, including the application of the special expatriate executive regime. This includes managing tax, social security and employment law requirements.

We also advise on the tax, labour law, social security and, where applicable, privacy aspects related to the implementation of:

– share or stock option plans (e.g. stock option plans, phantom shares, share savings plans, share purchase plans) in an international context;
– bonus plans and other benefits (e.g. reimbursement of expenses; per diems; company car; computer; mobile; representation allowances, group insurance schemes and individual pension commitments, etc.);
– cafeteria plans ;
– management companies: drafting management/consultancy agreements, providing estimates of potential gains/costs;
– non-competition or non-solicitation agreements concluded after termination of the employment contract; and
– remuneration splitting, detachments, special status for foreign executives.

Employee privacy and confidentiality

Advice on data confidentiality issues at Belgian level (RGDP and law), collective agreements No. 38, 68 and 81, the secrecy of (tele)communications imposed by article 314bis of the Penal Code and article 124 of the law of 13 June 2005, etc. ) or at European level involving employees (e.g. implementation of whistle-blowing policies, control of Internet and e-mail use, processing and transfer of personal data abroad) and customers (e.g. processing and transfer of personal data abroad, marketing).

Who do we work for?

We mainly assist Belgian or international companies, SMEs or associations (Belgian or international) even if we also regularly advise executives or senior managers in different aspects of their careers.

Our customers count in particular (with their agreement)

We work closely with organizations such as BECI or FAIB.


DEL-Law is of course involved in all aspects of Belgian law, but also has a solid network of associated law firms which allows it to serve its clients in the EAME area for specific projects or on a daily basis, if necessary via coordinated billing.

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