Social elections - COVID

Posted the 26 March 2020
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Given the current lockdown and the expectation that it will last for up to 8 to 12 weeks, the social partners have decided within the G10 group to suspend the social election process at X + 36 (being the day following the communication of the list of candidates to the employer but before the posting of said lists at X + 40).

So after the end of the so-called “occult period” of protection. Depending on the date chosen for the elections, X + 36 falls between 18-3 and 31-3-2020). All companies that have started the procedure must go to X + 35. However, the law has not yet been amended which means that today employers are still obliged to post the lists at X + 40 (between 22-3 and 4-4-2020). The national labour council gave its advice on 24-3 (n° 2.160) and the ministry confirmed that they are preparing the corrective legislation and it will be retroactive. The new date for the elections would be between 16 and 29-11-2020. More information to follow as this triggers various questions. 

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