A team of passionate professional lawyers dedicated to employment law services.

"The true value of a company, its wealth, it is first and foremost that of its workers"
The DEL-Law firm is the result of the vision of Mr Christophe Delmarcelle of human resources management services.
Throughout his career, he has oscillated between labour law and tax law, considering that all matters affecting workers (Belgian and international taxation, social security, privacy, immigration, etc.) must be covered for optimum service to the client.

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What we do ?

A quality HR legal support implies transversal knowledge and practice of the various areas of the law that affect the workers : Individual and collective labour law, Social security law, Taxation of workers, Privacy law, Pensions, Independent contracts, Immigration.

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How do we work ?

We work according to 5 main principles: no problems but solutions; turn the situation around / create value; attention to detail, goal in sight; pragmatic and direct; availability and teamwork

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